Battle of the Titans Crucial P3 Plus takes on P5 Plus

Battle of the Titans Crucial P3 Plus takes on P5 Plus


In the world of smartphones, there’s always a battle between companies to release the latest and greatest model. Two big contenders in this ongoing competition are the Crucial P3 Plus and P5 Plus. Both phones have their own unique features and offerings, making it difficult for consumers to choose between them. Let’s take a closer look at these titans in the tech industry and see who comes out on top.

Starting off with specs, both phones boast impressive processing power and storage capacity. The Crucial P3 Plus is equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor, while the P5 Plus has an equally powerful Kirin 990 chip. In terms of internal storage, both phones offer up to 512 GB but can be expanded on the Crucial P3 Plus vs P5 Plus via a microSD card slot.

One major difference between these two phones is their display. The Crucial P3 Plus features a 6.7-inch OLED display with QHD+ resolution, whereas the P5 Plus has a slightly larger 6.8-inch LCD screen with FHD+ resolution. While both displays offer sharp visuals and vibrant colors, OLED technology typically provides better color accuracy and deeper blacks.

Another crucial factor for smartphone buyers is battery life. Both phones come equipped with large batteries – the Crucial P3 Plus has a 5000mAh battery while the P5 Plus boasts an even larger 6000mAh battery capacity – ensuring long hours of usage without needing to recharge frequently.

When it comes to photography capabilities, these two titans are neck-and-neck once again. The Crucial​​P3​​Plus has a triple-lens rear camera setup (64MP +12MP +12MP) along with dual front-facing cameras (10MP +10MP). On the other hand, the​​P5​​Plus boasts quad rear cameras (50MP +16MP +8MP+2 MP), along with one selfie camera (32MP). So, if you are a photography enthusiast, both phones offer great options to capture high-quality photos and videos.

When it comes to software, both phones run on the latest Android 11 operating system. However, the Crucial P3 Plus has an advantage with its user-friendly interface and timely software updates. On the other hand, P5 Plus users may have to wait longer for updates due to Huawei’s ongoing dispute with Google.

In terms of price, there is not much of a difference between the two – the Crucial P3 Plus is priced slightly higher than the P5 Plus but offers more storage capacity as well. At this point, it comes down to personal preferences and needs.

In conclusion, it’s clear that both these smartphones offer impressive features and specifications in their own right.

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